I'm Matthew Strait. Welcome to my patched-together, occasionally updated webpage, filled with cruft dating back to 1999.


New rules, rulings, commentary, Monte Carlo…


Cons I've worked on in a significant capacity:


Oh gosh, this section is getting embarrassingly old. Please don't view it as representative of my coding. If you want to get a better sense of that, maybe look for my CV on my professional website, or at least see games above.


Also pretty old…


What is it?

  1. It might be a misspelling of "quandong" or "quongdong" (elaeocarpus angustifolius), an Australian fruit, articled on Wikipedia.
  2. It seems to be a game for Amiga on ASI-GAMES-VOL 53, a.k.a. Assassins Disk 053 (referenced previously here and perhaps still here).

If anyone ever writes a Wikipedia article about quadong, it will be here. Anyway, none of those explain why I sometimes use it as a handle. I'll happily explain it to you if you ask.

Three cycles for king d'Elven under the sky,
sieve for the dwaries getlteman in their corridors of the rock,
nine for the man of inoperative women, the condemned, the end to die,
by the dark degree getlteman in relative darkness of the thrones
in the track of Mordor, where they are the colors.
All a cycle governar it, A cycle for the position he,
a cycle, the end to obtain all in him and the lock of the density
in the track of Mordor, where they are the colors.

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