Dungeonquest Clarifications

This a collection of clarifications for Dungeonquest. These are distinct from our rulings because we believe that these are just distillations of the rules that exist and do not require us to have made any decisions.


Rildo's dagger ability is really hard to understand.
That's not a question. But yes, it is written really badly. Here's a rewriting of it which we are almost sure is what they meant with no rulings from us:

You have four daggers. You may throw your daggers only against Goblins, Trolls, Death Warriors, Orcs, and Champions of Chaos.

Before combat:

Unless it is a sneak attack, you can throw daggers before combat. This is before the Monster card is drawn, so you don't yet know how many LPs the monster has. Once you have finished throwing, begin combat as normal with "attack".

To throw a dagger, you pick two Combat cards and your opponent picks one; you reveal them all simultaneously. If any match, the dagger deals D6 damage (but only D6−2 damage to a Death Warrior). Otherwise, you lose 1 LP.

During combat:

During combat you pick each round whether to throw a dagger (using the same rules as above) or fight as normal. You may not throw daggers two rounds in a row. In normal combat, Rildo only does 1 damage when picking Mighty Blow against the monster's Slash.

If you lose all four daggers you must fight using unarmed combat; see page 2 of the Heroes rules.

After combat:

Check to see if you are able to retrieve your daggers. Roll a D6 for each. On an even number, you recover it. Otherwise, it is lost. You only recover daggers in the combat that has just taken place, not any that were lost earlier in the game, so remember how many you have thrown this turn.

Could you explain the timing for Azoth's Stasis spell?
Yes. When you start your turn, after resolving any mandatory effects (Torch Goes Out, Vampire, etc.), and before taking the voluntary part of your turn (usually moving or searching), you may cast Stasis. This puts your normal turn on hold and inserts one or more extra turns.


When you find a Passage Down in a Cave-in room tile, do you have to make the agility roll for the cave-in before entering the Catacombs?
This looks like a case that they would have forgotten to cover, but in fact the answer is in the Catacombs rules! (Let's see, what is the answer, though...)

Interactions between Heroes and Catacombs

Is the Cave Troll a Troll?

It never matters. This question comes up for for attacks and other abilities that only work against a specific list of monsters. In each case, the answer about whether something can be done to the Cave Troll is given in the rules, although you may have to read several disparate sections.

To list cases explicitly: The text for "Heroes & Catacombs" in the Catacombs rules say that Tori-Jima can't any of his abilities against the Cave Troll. Likewise it says Thargrim can't use his Helm against it, and Helena can't use her slingshot. Azoth's Fireball can be used. When Bright Flame fights it, it uses a D10 (which implies that it is not a Troll, since they use D6, for whatever that's worth).

What happens with Serellia and Flame Bright when they encounter a spear trap?
It is not a Door Trap nor a Crypt Trap, so it independently affects each of them. Does that make sense flavorwise? No, but that is what follows from the rules.