Matt's Rules for Corsari


Corsari (a.k.a. "I Go") is a rummy-like card game published by Rio Grande (FoxMind for the I Go reissue). It uses a deck of 110 cards: ten colors each numbered 1 through 11. It is best played with 3-5 players, but can be played with 2 or stretched to 6 or even 7 (not recommended).

Game play

Each player is dealt a hand of 12 cards that only they may look at. A number of cards equal to 5 plus the number of players is put in a face up stack with all cards visible. This is the tavern. The color of the top card of the tavern at any time is called the color of the tavern. The remaining cards are the supply and are kept in a face down stack. There is also a discard stack which starts empty.

Play proceeds starting with the player after the dealer. On each player's turn, that player draws one card, discards one card and then optionally sails (ends the round). The player may draw the card from:

The discard always goes to the top of the discard stack.


When a player chooses to sail (becoming the ending player), he forms his crew. A crew is a set of cards of zero or more of zero, one or two chosen colors with no duplicated numbers. He announces his score as follows:

The other players then sail. This means that they form a crew and compute their scores as follows:

The non-ending players announce their scores. If all of these scores are greater than the ending player's score, the ending player scores zero and the other players score what they announced. If any non-ending player's announced score is equal to or less than the ending player's (skunking the ending player), that player scores −10 instead of his announced score. The ending player scores 10, plus his announced score, plus the announced score of each skunking player. The ending player may optimize the announced scores of skunking players (for instance, by changing the crew colors) to reduce his score.

The deal passes to the next player. Continue until any player's score exceeds a number agreed upon before the game, at which point the player with the lowest score wins. We have gotten good results by playing to 30 times the number of players, minimum 100.

Special cases

If a player draws the last card of the tavern, the round ends with no scoring.

If a player draws the last card of the supply, the round ends with that player as the ending player.

If the ending player's announced score is zero, he wins the game. If the ending player's announced score is non-zero and one or more other players' announced scores are zero, the youngest of those players wins the game.